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Useful Information

Useful Information

1. What’s Needed to Start Estate Planning?

The process of preparing or updating your Estate Plan best begins with setting an appointment with a qualified Estate Planning attorney to discuss your desires and intentions. (Read More..)

2. Modifying Divorce Decrees

Following a divorce or dissolution of marriage, many folks want or need to modify some part of the Divorce Decree – or Judgment of Dissolution- entered when the divorce was granted. These modifications may concern child support because of job changes or relocations, changes in terms of child custody or visitation, or other matters. (Read More..)

3. Why a Will is Important

Most of us work hard for the things we own and would like to make sure that they go where we want them to when we pass away. A Will is among the most basic and important tools for seeing this happens. (Read More..)

4. Powers of Attorney and Living Wills: Key Tools for Your Peace of Mind

For most of us, a major concern as we grow older concerns what happens if we have an injury or illness that is disabling? Who will take responsibility for helping us with needed health care or property management decisions? (Read More..)

5. A Personal Injury Primer

You’ve been involved in an automobile collision, or you’ve sustained an injury while shopping at a department store - tripping on uneven pavement in the store’s parking area or slipping on water or wax in a service aisle. You’ve sought medical attention and are now considering what remedies you may have to recover for your injuries. What should you do? Where should you start? (Read More..)

6. The Pros and Cons of Probate

Many of you have heard advertisements warning us to “avoid the probate trap” when we pass on. Those promoting this idea usually suggest that probate is a very costly and time consuming process and should be avoided at all costs. (Read More..)

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